Craft Beer Tours

beer-paddles-aussieSYDNEY CRAFT ALES & TALES

Not so long ago, in Australia, you could actually tell where someone was from, by the beer (mostly Lager) they drank. In Sydney, you would stroll down to your local pub, to be faced with (maybe) 4 options: Tooheys Old, Tooheys New, VB and Carlton. Thankfully, the craft beer movement is growing rapidly, and at Sydney Pub Tours, we couldn’t be happier. We love the fact that, today, almost every pub, will offer at least one craft beer on tap. The new generation of brewers are paving the way, making some bold statements with their beers, and in order to stay current, pubs are starting to respond favourably.

With over 50 (and climbing) breweries in greater Sydney, our Craft Beer Tours showcase some of the best in the business. Depending on the package selected, you may sample up to 16 different craft beers (all Australian) and visit up to 4 different heritage pubs, each offering a tasting paddle, with a range of beer styles and flavours. Food is also available on request. In a world of instant connections, if you subscribe to beer lover apps like “Untappd” or “Elixr”, then this is the tour for you.

lord-nelson-beer-paddleOur Craft Beer Tours are by appointment only, and must consist of a minimum of 6 people. They can run any day or night of the week (with some exceptions) during normal pub operating times.

Contact us to enquire about our Craft Beer Tour packages, rates and availability.