Gluten Free Beer on a FODMAP Pub Tour


Tired of being left out or split up because you have a food allergy or sensitivity? IBS or Coeliac? Did you know that 1 out of 7 people in Australia have food restrictions for these reasons and many more? In our metro areas, the numbers have been reported to be as high as 20%. We have partnered with Lewis & Son and Wilde beer to present a one time, bespoke, FODMAP Friendly, Historic Pub Tour in The Rocks.

Based in Newcastle, NSW, our friends at Wilde Beer have produced the first and only FODMAP Friendly beer in Australia. Great beer always tastes better when it’s paired with great food. Lewis & Son produces a range of products which are grown, blended and prepared with the greatest care. They make the only FODMAP Friendly Certified charcuterie and small goods purveyor in the country. Kosher certified, naturally smoked and made by artisan butchers, our meats will please young, old and everyone in between. And best of all, they are delicious, whether or not you have a dietary restriction!

You will be escorted to three iconic, heritage pubs, some of which date right back to convict occupation. Learn the history of each pub, and the local area, whilst enjoying a delicious culinary course and beer pairing that is FODMAP Friendly (gluten free, no nitrates, colours, preservatives, or nasties of any kind). Chloe McLeod, Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Sports Dietitian, will also share how to make a FODMAP diet work for you and your family. Topics will include an overview of FODMAPs, eating out, reading labels, and making meals your family and friends will enjoy eating together.

This tour is designed to bring people together and show them that great food can also meet the dietary needs of those on a restrictive diet. FODMAP Friendly eating can relieve discomfort and pain for many and does not have to exclude folks at meal time or happy hour. Come together and have fun with us on our FODMAP Friendly Historic Pub Tour in the Rocks, Sydney NSW.

ALL Welcome. Additional beer and menu items will be available at each pub for a discount in addition to the complimentary low FODMAP food and drink provided as part of the tour. Gift bags and prizes too!

Space is limited. Please call Yvonne at 0416 514 500 with questions or book your tickets through Eventbrite: Click to book tickets