Tour Inclusions

Tour inclusions


5 Pubs

Pub interiorYour local guide will personally escort you to 5 heritage pubs. Each with it’s own unique charm, character and place in Sydney’s history. No two pubs are alike as they all differ in architectural design and patronage. We believe an old pub is also an interactive museum. You will visit Australia’s Longest Running Irish Pub, Australia’s Oldest Pub Brewery, Sydney’s Oldest Hotel, and 3 pubs CORRECTLY claiming to be Sydney’s Oldest Pub. How is that possible, and what’s the difference between a pub and a hotel you ask? Join us for a night on the tiles, and all will be revealed!

Free Booze

100_0546 - CopyUpon arrival at each pub, you will receive your choice of; a glass of Australian Craft Beer, or; a glass of Australian Wine (in your favourite colour of course), or; a soft drink. Water is readily available at each pub. In Australia, you can literally tell where someone is from by the beer they drink. We pride ourselves on our taste in beer, and you will receive nothing but the best. No watered down, cheap and nasties on this tour. Let’s clear things up right now…….we don’t drink Fosters!! Join the tour and find out why.

Kangaroo or Crocodile?

Beer and pizzaYou will receive your choice of Gourmet Pizzas, including, but not limited to, kangaroo and crocodile. We are one of the only nations in the world to eat our national emblem. Yes…..Skippy is cute, and tasty to boot. It’s a terrifying thought being eaten by a crocodile, so why not turn the tables? We have plenty of other options for the slightly less adventurous, including chicken, ham & pineapple, and vegetarians are also catered for. Gluten free/allergies/special dietary requirements are no worries, just be sure to let your guide know when you meet. click to see the menu

Free Souvenir Gift & Discount Vouchers 

stubby-cooler-discount-vouchersAlong with great local pubs, The Rocks has wide variety of fantastic specialty stores and restaurants to satisfy your every need. In light of this, Sydney Pub tours has developed great relationships within the local community, and as such, every booking for our public tour will receive over $100 worth of discount vouchers, to be used at various establishments in The Rocks. This is an exclusive deal, offered only to Sydney Pub Tours customers. Oh, and every individual on the public tour will receive a complimentary  souvenir Stubby Cooler. Cheers to that!

Behind The Scenes

Tour guide talking to crowdBy joining the tour, everyone gets the VIP treatment, as you receive exclusive access to areas not accessible to the general public. We are the only Pub Tour in Sydney that takes you inside the working Brewery of Australia’s Oldest Brew Pub. Don’t just listen to the stories, live them, breathe them, touch them………. even taste them. Venture down into the basement and see underground tunnels used for Rum Smuggling and Shanghaiing Sailors. Discover the archaeological remains of the oldest buildings in the country.

Local Knowledge

Learning Two-Up on a Sydney Pub Tour.Hear historic and entertaining commentary from an expert, local guide. Learn it from those who live it. See where a local ‘bookie’ was murdered for drinking at the wrong pub. Hear why Australia’s only military uprising was because of alcohol, and how the outbreak of the Bubonic Plague affected the ‘taste of the beer’. We don’t simply limit our yarns to history. Ask our guides those burning questions you’ve always wanted to know about ‘Aussie Culture’. What is a Larrikin, and are you friends with one? Have Rugby explained to you once and for all, and get your own ‘traditional Aussie nickname’.


Guide with variety of beersOur guides our well versed on what’s hot and what’s not. Get the scoop on the best beers and wines this country has to offer (maybe even take some home with you). So you’re more a foodie? Who doesn’t love a good feed? Our guides know the best restaurants to cater to all tastes, from fine dining to ‘hole in the wall’ cafes. You’ve got a few more days up your sleeve? Get the best advice on how to best experience Sydney, the way the locals do. “What are the best ‘off the beaten track’ walking trails? Where are the best photographic locations around town? Should I go to Bondi or Manly Beach? Where’s the best nightlife to kick-on after the tour?”…..who knows, your guide may even decide to join you, now that you’re mates.

Lasting Memories

103_2185They say a picture paints a thousand words. Which is very handy if your words are somewhat slurred by the end of the night. Our guides have a camera on hand to capture those moments you want preserved (even some you may want to forget). Share the evening with those that couldn’t be there by checking in to one or all of our Social Media platforms. All fun (and tasteful) photo’s will be uploaded to our Facebook page for you to tag, or ignore, to your hearts content. Don’t forget to bring your own camera with you, as our guides are all professionally trained and passionate photographers.

“I spent a lot of my money on booze, birds and fast cars…….the rest I just squandered”
– George Best (English Soccer Legend)