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Sydney Team Building Pub TourSYDNEY PUB TRIVIA TOURS

Why not make them work for their rewards by participating in our Team Building Trivia Tour? We’ve all, at some point, gathered at the local to compete in the weekly pub trivia night. Well we’ve taken the standard ‘Question and Answer’ format, and flipped it on it’s head.

How many times have you actually read those newspaper articles that are proudly on display inside your local pub? Do you how many awards the pub has one? What are those old historic photo’s about? Sydney’s pubs are full of fascinating facts and haunting history, and it can sometimes, be right in front of you, if you take time to look.

On our Team Building Pub Tour, your group will be split into small teams, to see who rises to the challenge, and who cracks under pressure, as they’re pitted against each other, in an effort to uncover the secrets of Sydney’s Historic Pubs. You’ll explore up to 6 pubs, with the goal of accumulating as many points as you can along the way. Be warned, you may be asked to perform a few ‘random tasks’ for extra points (are you willing to take one for the team?). Your trivia guide will set the rules, time limits and will keep score throughout the night. Their decision is final (he or she, may choose to accept or punish any bribery attempts. Are you willing to take the risk?)! The entire group will meet up at the final pub to swap stories and to announce the winners.

The Sydney Pub Trivia Tour, is a fun, light-hearted way to bring the team together. Contact us for our rates and packages.

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