What’s Covered?





The question should probably be…….What don’t we talk about on your Sydney Pub Tour? Sydney Pub Tour guides are considered the unofficial experts on everything……… ‘Aussie’. While this is an historic pub tour, and our tales do theme themselves around alcohol, we have been asked to explain the intricacies of Cricket and Rugby from time to time. We’ll cover it all……well…….we’ll cover what we can in one night, but we guarantee you’ll leave the tour with a wealth of knowledge, about Australian history and culture, you did not possess when you started. The trick is going to be remembering it all the next morning.

Topics we regularly cover on the pub tour include:

Aboriginal History & Culture – Scientists have recently discovered that Indigenous Australians are the oldest living civilisation on the planet. Cheers to that!

James SquiresConvicts – Over 160 000 convicts were sent to Australia, over an 80 year period.

Australia’s First Brewer – Surprise, surprise…….he was a convict.

The Rocks – From convicts, shipping industries, a slum, working class residents and tourism – The Rocks has changed, but the pubs remain.

Sydney’s Oldest Pub – We give you the definitive explanation, as to “what is Sydney’s Oldest Pub?”. Be warned………it’s not an easy question to answer.

The Rum Rebellion – The only Military Coup in Australia’s history, was because of rum. We are passionate about our alcohol.

The 6 O’clock Swill – Believe it or not, pubs were forced to close at 6pm every night. Some say it was the darkest time in our history.

The Bubonic Plague – Where was the outbreak, how many people died, and more importantly, how did it change Jack Mundey Muralthe taste of the beer?

Jack Mundey – A local bloke who took on the government, and won. He’s the reason the pubs are still here. Legend!

The Rocks Push – Gangs of ‘larrikins’ once terrorized the streets of The Rocks. These days, ‘larrikins’ are lovable jokers……a bit like your pub tour guide.

Shanghaiing Sailors – Led in by a pretty face, sailors were often drugged in the pubs, and flung back out to see. We promise, you’ll make it out unscathed.

The ANZAC’s – Australian & New Zealand Army Corp’s. Born in WWI, and now, an extremely important part of military history.

Two-Up – This is a popular game on ANZAC Day, and mostly played in pubs. You might get the chance to toss the Save Millers Pointcoins yourself.

Save Millers Point – The area is changing once again, with many old buildings being sold to the highest bidder. Find out what that means to the locals.

Beer – In Australia, you can tell where someone is from, by their choice of beer, and now that craft brewing is on the rise, so good luck finding a Fosters!

‘It’s Your Shout’ – This is not simply raising your voice, although, you may want to if someone skips their shout!

‘A Night On The Tiles’ – What does this mean? Trust us, you’re going to have a great night on the tiles.




Apart from 5 Historic Heritage Pubs, our tours visit locations in The Rocks that are quite often, overlooked. We try our best to stay off the main roads, by weaving our way through hidden lanes and walkways, that are easily missed if you’re not familiar with them. The journey between pubs, is just as interesting as the pubs themselves. Like they say, “it’s not about the destination, but the journey”. At Sydney Pub Tours, we believe it’s about both.

Locations we regularly visit on the pub tour include:

Garrison ChurchFoundation Park – Discover the foundations of old homes, demolished during the plague outbreak.

Garrison Church – The bloke who the had church built, also had the pub built down the road. God bless him!The Big

The Big Dig – Archaeological dig site, now an education centre and youth hostel.

Nurses Walk – Named in honour of the convict nurses that worked in the first makeshift hospital in Australia.

The Argyle Cut – The sandstone ‘tunnel’, first carved by convicts, then blasted using explosives, that connects The Rocks to Millers Point.

The Icons – As your journey wanders the streets of The Rocks, you will get to see both The Sydney Harbour Bridge, and The Sydney Opera House from vantage points most people miss. Great for budding photographers looking for that unique shot.

More – We don’t want to reveal all our secrets right now. Join us.

Please note: Our tours are not scripted, and our guides are not robots (we encourage them to let their personalities shine), so, depending on how busy the pubs are, and the size of the group, all topics and locations may not be covered. If there is something you really want to know, make sure you ask your guide.